Holidays – How to Celebrate and Remember Your Loved Ones


Many of our country’s holiday traditions can be traced back to religious observances. The first holidays were set aside for people to perform their religious duties, often around important dates in the calendar. Today, however, many of the holidays are viewed more as recreational activities. Here are some tips for celebrating these important days. Read on to learn more! Holidays are a way to celebrate and remember our loved ones. Here are some examples.

Federal holidays

Many states have their own laws that require employees to take public holidays, or provide extra pay. While most states require public employees to take paid time off during these holidays, others delegate the decision to their state agencies. Below, we outline the history of federal legal holidays and provide additional information. While private employers are not required to give their employees paid holiday time, offering such leave to your employees could provide you with a competitive edge. To learn more, check out the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Day of the dead

In the Mexican tradition, the day of the dead is celebrated on Nov. 2. The deceased are honored by family members and friends by visiting their graves and lighting candles. In many other Catholic countries, the same tradition is celebrated. In Brazil, the day is known as Dia de Finados. Many countries recognize Nov. 2 as Day of the Dead, and the holiday has become very popular worldwide. However, what is the significance of Day of the Dead?


In the world of legal holidays, Monday is a holiday. But what happens when the observed date and the actual holiday date are different? In such cases, the employee will be paid on the following Monday. So, when should you take a day off on Monday? Read on to find out. Here are some reasons why. You should not work on Mondays, but you can take a holiday on Tuesday. Here are some other good reasons.

Inauguration day

The Inauguration Day holiday is celebrated every four years on January 20. It marks the official transfer of power from one president to another. This day is a federal holiday for government workers in the Washington, D.C., metro area, including the counties of Montgomery, Prince Georges, and Arlington. The day is considered a federal holiday for people who work in the government, but not federal workers themselves. This holiday allows Washington-area employees to celebrate the historic presidential inaugurations.

Bank holidays

Throughout the British calendar, there are eight official bank holidays and five other days off in a year. The British government, business organizations, and schools also keep these days off. People are not required to take them – they are up to their employers’ discretion – but many people do take them to relax and unwind. Although many businesses are closed on these days, museums and attractions remain open to the public. Additionally, if you are employed by a government agency, many of these offices also operate during these days.