How to Pivot While Traveling


Traveling is a process of movement between two geographical locations. The various methods of travel include walking, bicycling, automobile, train, boat, airplane, and bus. There are also round-trip travel options. This article focuses on a variety of methods of travel and how to use them effectively. There are many different ways to travel, including round-trip trips, one-way travel, and multi-day trips. Once you understand the various modes of travel, you can choose which method is best for you.

Gathering step

Many NBA players use the gather step to create separation on their step-back jump shot. However, the gather step is debated in the league, with many arguing that it’s not legal. While watching live, some gathers look like travels, while others look like gathers. Giannis’ drive is also similar to Harden’s gathering step. In the NBA, the gather step is allowed only after a player has gained full control of the ball.

Initially, the gathering step was introduced as a way for players to gather the ball. The gather step is defined as resting two hands on the ball and allowing it to come to rest while controlling it. However, a gathering step is not a travel step, so it cannot count as the first step. It must be followed by two additional steps to complete the travel. Using the gather step to create space is allowed only after two steps.

Pivot foot

When a basketball player pivots their foot, he or she is moving it in an erratically-called traveling motion. This action is illegal, and is referred to as traveling. The rules for this particular traveling motion vary from national to national. The American theory is that FIBA and Euro/International traveling rules were put into place to slow down American players. As a result, players have been forced to take extra dribbles and shorten their steps. Players are also forced to rely more on the referees’ calls than on the rule book, and so one foot is lifted and the other is touching the floor.

Whether a basketball player is traveling or simply gaining possession of the ball, it is important to establish a pivot foot. It is easier to distinguish this position than to assume a player is lifting his or her pivot foot as they travel. Alternatively, a player can use his or her other foot as the pivot foot. Once a player has two feet on the ground, he or she must take a single step before pivoting.


There are many ways to pivot while traveling. The first is to learn how to establish the pivot foot. The second is to know what happens when the pivot foot is lifted and dragged. Learning how to pivot while traveling is one of the best ways to control your body in a new situation. Many young players panic when they’re under pressure and don’t know how to do this. To avoid this, you need to know exactly what happens.

Often, players catch the ball with their one foot and pivot on the other foot. They’re allowed to do so if the player holds the ball before traveling, but this isn’t always possible. In cases where the pivot foot does not touch the floor, the player may use his other foot to bobble the ball. Using the pivot foot is not necessarily a violation. Depending on the circumstances, this could lead to a foul or a technical foul.