How to Spell and Pronounce Traveling, VR, and Pivot Foot Movement

The words you use to describe the places you visit often change from place to place. Some words are pronounced differently in different parts of the world. To avoid confusion, here are the most common variants of words: Basketball, Business travel, Virtual reality tour, Pivot foot movement, and others. Read on to learn more about the different ways to spell and pronounce the words. We also cover how to use new technology to get a better picture of the world around us.


In the NBA, players often confuse traveling with dribbling. They want to keep the game moving, and the referees often don’t call traveling violations. A popular basketball move is the “euro step.” This is a maneuver where the offensive player takes two steps, one in one direction, and then the other, intended to confuse the defender. You may also see it used in college basketball. But if you want to play the best basketball while traveling, you’ll need to learn the right way to handle the ball.

Business travel

Business travel refers to a journey that you make for work purposes. This includes traveling for meetings and training, as well as travel for volunteer work. However, it should be understood that not all travel is business-related. For example, a military personnel who works in a department that buys defense equipment may fly to a military air show on the company’s expense. If you are going on business, be sure to check your destination’s COVID-19 Travel Health Notice and follow local recommendations.

Virtual reality tours

VR is a fantastic way to travel without ever leaving your home. You can take virtual reality tours of popular destinations and experience the sights and sounds without actually going there. There are even VR tours of the Vatican. You can visit the Sistine Chapel, Raphael’s Rooms, and the Niccoline Chapel. You can even customize the sounds and media to suit your preferences. There are even some tours that include a narration.

Pivot foot movement

In dribbling, shooting, and other sports, a player may decide to lift their pivot foot. However, they should never do so before the ball leaves their hands. Using the pivot foot is also a great way to catch the ball when both feet are on the floor at the same time. Here are some examples of when a player should use this foot movement during dribbling. To understand this motion, learn how the pivot foot is established.

Meaning of travel

There are many definitions of “travel.” It can mean going from place to place, usually a long distance. While your daily commute to work does not count as travel, a trip to Timbuktu certainly does. If you enjoy socializing and getting to know others, then travel is a great activity for you! Below are some examples. A travel is anything that gets you out and about, whether it is to visit a friend, family member, or distant country.