The Meaning of Holiday


If you’re looking for the meaning of the word holiday, then you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a list of government-designated holidays, including their definitions, meanings, and pay. The following list explains the meaning of some common holiday words. Unless otherwise noted, these examples are based on current usage of the word holiday in English. Listed below are examples of common words for holidays. They are not intended to be exhaustive or to indicate the meaning of the word.


Christmas brings a whole new set of vocabulary, some of which haven’t stood the test of time. Others are obscure enough to be found only in dusty dictionary corners. Crumping describes the sound of partially frozen snow, while hibernate or hiemate refers to sleeping through winter somewhere. Here are a few examples to get you started. Holiday words evoke the spirit of Christmas and the holiday season. Here are a few phrases and words that you’re likely to hear this holiday season.


The first letter of Holiday is a vowel, which means “holy day.” It is an English name that is derived from the Old English word haligdaeg, meaning “holy day.” Famous people born with this name include fiction essayists Billie Holiday Reinhorn. Holiday is also a popular musical name, with a rich history dating back to the 18th century. Here are some of its meanings:


Paid holidays show employees that you value their work, and this in turn will make them more loyal. Holiday pay can also attract top talent. Depending on the organization, paid holidays can increase productivity and motivation, as well as attract top talent. Employers may also want to consider giving employees floating holidays, which cover cultural or religious holidays. Floating holidays must be defined, as well as the accrual schedule and eligibility requirements. This way, employees know what days they can take during these holidays.

Government-designated holidays

In the United States, the federal government offers eleven paid national holidays each year. Other private sector employers may offer holiday pay to employees who work on these days. Private sector employers are not required to offer holiday pay, but they should consider the company’s policy on holiday time off. The following is a list of current government-designated holidays, as well as those scheduled in the future. There are also plans to move some holidays to Saturdays, including Memorial Day, Childrens Day, and Arbor Day.

Selected holidays around the world

Many countries observe public holidays and religious holidays. Some are country-specific while others cover larger geographical areas. Some are newer, such as Valentine’s Day, and others have roots in ancient superstitions. You may be interested in knowing what your country celebrates on these days. Listed below are some of the most important public holidays and religious events. For more information, visit the websites listed below. Selected holidays around the world and why they’re important.