What Are Holidays?


What are Holidays? In general, they are non-working days. They can be fixed or moveable, and they can celebrate or commemorate a special event. They are also fun and celebratory occasions. Here’s a brief history of Holidays. To understand the meaning of a holiday, look at its history. Holidays typically coincide with important dates on the calendar. In modern societies, these days, holidays are widely celebrated as recreational days for families, friends, and colleagues.

Holidays are non-working days

In the world of business, Holidays are non-working days. These days are declared in special circumstances. Typically, they apply to a single sector. For example, on Banker’s Day, employees of the bank must not work. Meanwhile, other workers have to meet their obligations as per the normal schedule. This way, the company can earn profit during these days. Here are some examples:

They can be fixed or moveable

In the Christian calendar, holidays are divided into two categories: fix and moveable. Fix holidays are the feast days of particular saints. Other fixed observances fall on the same day every year, such as Thanksgiving. Moveable holidays are those that are not tied to Easter, such as Advent, which starts on the Sunday closest to November 30. A moveable holiday, on the other hand, is one that varies depending on the location.

They are celebratory

The United States celebrates a number of African American customs. Some have originated overseas, while others have grown in the United States. New Year’s Day, for example, is usually marked by a festive party. Virtually every company and retail outlet closes early on this day, with the exception of stores selling party supplies. There are also several ‘bizarre’ American holidays, including those for single days and individual months.

They are fun

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They affect business demand

Holidays affect business demand in a variety of ways. In India, for example, they affect sales in certain sectors, such as restaurants. Many people also spend more money during these holidays, resulting in positive growth. Festivals, such as Diwali, Holi, and Diwali Puja, generate billions of rupees in sales revenue. While holiday impact on business is clear, there are other ways to mitigate its effects.