What Are Holidays and Bank Holidays?


Holidays are days when normal activities are suspended or reduced, generally to celebrate a specific day. They may also have religious or cultural significance. Here are some examples of holiday days. A federal holiday is Inauguration Day, while a state may celebrate Juneteenth. Bank holidays, on the other hand, are non-working days. The best way to find out what these days mean for your local area is to consult your calendar. Once you know which ones are coming up, you can plan your day accordingly.

Inauguration Day is a federal holiday

Although the inauguration ceremony is not a federal holiday, some government workers do get the day off. Some of them work in the Washington, D.C., area, while others work in the border counties of Maryland and Virginia. The official date of Inauguration Day is January 20. But before the Constitution, January 20 wasn’t a federal holiday. Here are some facts you may not know about this holiday.

The date of the inauguration ceremony is typically set at noon on January 20th. However, if January 20th is a weekend, a public ceremony may be held on a weekday. Regardless of whether the inauguration ceremony occurs on a weekend or a weekday, employees are eligible to get a day off. In Washington, DC, Montgomery, Prince Georges, Arlington, and Fairfax counties are among the jurisdictions where employees are exempt from work.

Juneteenth is a federal holiday in several states

Last year, Juneteenth was designated a federal holiday. It was the first such holiday since 1983, but most states did not automatically adopt it as a holiday. This year, nearly 20 states plan to close state offices and most public employees are expected to take time off for the holiday. However, only six states have officially adopted it. So far, Tennessee, Georgia, Mississippi, Missouri, and New Jersey are celebrating the day on a state level.

However, the importance of observance of Juneteenth has not gone unnoticed. While it is a federal holiday in several states, the day has been viewed by some as a day of reflection and education. For some, Juneteenth represents a day to celebrate the emancipation of the slaves and commemorate their freedom. Those who celebrate the day should try to incorporate their local celebration into their plans. In addition, putting up a Juneteenth sign may be a good idea to bring awareness to your community, as it can also educate the younger kids in your neighborhood about the holiday.

Bank holidays are non-working days

Bank holidays are days that are not regarded as working days in most countries. However, employers are free to alter these dates and declare other days as public holidays. Sometimes, bank holidays are paid off and taken as annual leave. Employers can also grant extra leave for employees to celebrate special occasions. Bank holiday policies will be detailed in employee contracts. If you wish to work on a bank holiday, check your contract carefully. You may be required to work even on a bank holiday if you have a hangover.

Various countries have their own definition of bank holidays. For example, in the United States, four federal holidays are designated. Federal employees aren’t allowed to work on these days. Chime, a digital bank, won’t process direct deposits on federal holidays, and Ally doesn’t offer banking services on these days. Depending on the country, a bank may not even accept direct deposits on those days.