What Is a Holiday?


Every nation has a different way to observe a holiday. Most holidays are not based on natural disasters or force majeure reasons, but rather are based on local events. Historical events are also used as the basis for holidays. Sometimes, holidays are moved around so that they fit in with the day’s activities and allow workers to extend their weekends. This is known as a “moving holiday.”

Employer-paid holidays

When evaluating an employee’s worth, it’s important to consider the value of employer-paid holidays. These days, paid holidays are often a standard part of an employee’s compensation and benefit package. Employers list their paid holidays on their employment offers letter and employee handbook. Some employers offer floating paid holidays, which allow employees to take off time whenever they’d like, whether it’s for religious holidays or family time.

Statutory pay

If you are entitled to statutory pay for holidays, you may be wondering what you can expect from your employer. The answer is a bit complicated. The amount of statutory pay that you are entitled to will depend on your job and whether you have to work the full day or have to work less. For example, if your holiday falls on a weekend, you may be entitled to pay for the additional hours that you worked on that day.

Time-and-a-half pay

Under federal law, employees who work on a holiday are entitled to time-and-a-half pay. This is equal to two hours’ worth of pay multiplied by the regular rate of pay. Some states also have additional requirements regarding time-and-a-half pay. In California, employees must be paid time-and-a-half for each consecutive day they work over eight hours. To get paid time-and-a-half for working on a holiday, you must be working at least 12 hours.

Free shipping day

If you are a holiday shopper, you’ve likely heard of Free Shipping Day, the one day in December when most online merchants offer free shipping. Whether you’re buying a holiday gift for yourself or for a loved one, you’ll probably be pleased to learn that the majority of items will arrive before Christmas Eve. But what is Free Shipping Day, and why should you care? Read on to learn more.

Tax holiday

The term “tax holiday” can refer to many different things, including a tax abatement, a tax subsidy, or a reduction of tax. Governments use these incentives to encourage investment in business ventures and create tax holidays. The benefits of a tax holiday can be tremendous, and are often difficult to pass up, so make sure to understand your options before applying. Read on to learn about the benefits of tax holidays for your business.